embrace challenge at work

I help teams to embrace the power of challenge so that they can transform from delivering good results to achieving outstanding outcomes.

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you have a good team

but you also have the drive to make it fantastic

Within your leadership team each of you has had success in the past.  You are still doing well now.  But you know that you could be capable of more or better:

  • what could you achieve if you knew how to challenge each other more effectively?

  • how much swifter would change be if you could anticipate each other's motivations?

  • what is your shared purpose and how can this propel you to greater success?

  • what would be better if you could disagree without falling out?

  • how can you embrace diversity of view, opinion and people?


my approach

I work with senior leadership teams who find that their performance is being held back by a lack of effective challenge.  I enable transformative and sustainable change that means teams don’t settle for delivering good results and instead are capable of achieving outstanding outcomes. 

1) Determine the need for challenge

2) Uncover and address why challenge has been avoided or under-utilised 

3) Introduce tools and new behaviours to ensure productive challenge in future

for leaders looking for a challenge

re-discover your purpose and values

Do you feel like you are not doing what you feel you are meant to be doing? It can feel like you're in the wrong role, wrong organisation or even the wrong career.  

Do you feel like you are always adding new tasks to your to-do list but never crossing anything out? Do you feel like you have to take your team through change but you're struggling to navigate your way?

  • How would it feel to know your purpose and act with it?

  • What are your values, how do they show up and what impact does it have when you use them?

  • What would you be able to do if you consciously understood your motivations, strengths and trigger points?

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Team Meeting

for the team that avoids challenge

the difficult things that go unsaid

  • Does it feel like your team is pretty good at avoiding disagreements blowing up?  

  • Do you notice that people in the team spend a fair amount of time navigating interpersonal relationship so as to avoid falling out?

  • When people do disagree, do you find that they continue to compromise until everyone can agree?

  • Do you feel like all of this seemingly good team behaviour is masking something painful?

  • Are difficult conversations about how people are really feeling are being avoided?

for the team in conflict

helping you to recover

This is a painful area for many teams where things have been said which have hurt others.  My help here can range from facilitating team sessions to help understand, build and maintain new psychological safety through to mediation between members of the team.  There is a way back for the team beyond the hard times and difficult events they've been through and I can help you travel that path.

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