turn your leadership blind spot into your leadership sweet spot.

I can show you what is holding you back and I can help you to see choices in a new way. 

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what sean saw : a leadership

awareness programme

I deliver a programme that will enable your team to move from being a group of individuals with defined responsibilities into a team with a shared sense of purpose, passion and adaptability.

I have worked with many teams over the years and I've refined the programme so that it delivers on three levels

  • beneficial for the individual

  • beneficial for the leadership team

  • beneficial for your target stakeholders

what it brings to individuals

Wife, husband, father, head of, director, dad, responsible owner... all titles that we carry with responsibilities, burdens and opportunities.

The what sean saw programme benefits individuals, teams and stakeholders.  For individuals the programme focuses on:

  • Key personal drivers

  • Unlocking and working with your own sense of purpose

  • Naming and working with your values

  • Harnessing your strengths

  • Development of effective communication style 

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Team Meeting

what it brings to your leadership team

The what sean saw programme is designed to bring personal awareness of one's own actions and behaviours.  Building on this is crucial for what comes next: learning how to bring oneself into a space with others where there may be competing demands, conflicting styles or differences of opinion.​

For your team:

  • a reliable, teachable and pragmatic tool to help the team understand the desires and motivations of other team members

  • an explicit understanding of the shared purposes, strengths and weaknesses of the group

  • recognition that differences of view have the potential to lead to disagreement but with real-world techniques to help you embrace challenge whilst sidestepping conflict

  • connection between individual purpose and values and the shared purpose and values of the group (and organisation if required)

what it brings to your target stakeholders

You will be embarking on this programme for the benefit not just of the individuals and of your team but also of one or a number of key stakeholders.  This could be other parts of your business or it may be customers receiving or accessing your services.

The what sean saw programme brings great benefits here:

  • a coherent, consistent and predictable experience from the team and individuals within it

  • better experience (customers) or increased engagement (colleagues)

  • better changes that are delivered promptly and than respond to your needs

  • an openness and genuine interest to listen from the individuals and team as part of the programme


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