case studies

examples of how I have helped senior leaders and their teams to lead with purpose, with passion and with flexibility so that they can thrive in a changeable and demanding environment.

Magnifying Glass

I worked with the senior leadership team - the Board of Trustees - of a charity in the Midlands over the course of six months to help them improve their strategic focus and identify their priorities.

With my help, the Board was able to identify blind-spots in skills, approach and behaviours that hadn’t previously been recognised.  The Board acknowledged and was able to put in place solutions to address systems that hadn’t worked for them.  Importantly, the Board also   recognised where it had under-invested in its relationships with each other at a personal level and took immediate steps to resolve this.

During this time I was also able to support a departing Chair and the remaining Board of trustees to identify their needs for a successful handover and transition.

The Chair said "This was a new experience for us as a Board and Sean's gentle but incisive approach, coupled with an attentive ear made us all feel comfortable and able to speak openly and honestly, which was critical for Board learning and development. He approached the situation from different angles, encouraging through his questions and exercises, to consider perspectives and alternative options or further areas to reflect upon. This challenged assumptions and comfortably enabled us to move out of a comfort zone to think about where we are and want to be. It was refreshing as an experience but absolutely instrumental to informing and assisting with all that is involved in embarking upon the next chapter of the charity."

Board of Charity - focus and priorities

Team Meeting

I worked with a senior leader new in her role who was looking to transform a team that had previously felt undervalued and unappreciated.  She recognised the strength of her team and wanted to bring out the best in them and for them.

Through a series of dedicated coaching sessions with her and the team I was able to support them in identifying a common cause and values.  I was also able to support the senior leader and her team to identify underlying motivations and strengths that enabled them to have difficult and challenging conversations that led to improvements within the team and far greater efficiencies in their approach.

The senior manager who appointed me said: “Sean coached me so that I could lead my team on the journey of transformation.  Helping me understand the impact of purpose, values and strengths, Sean enabled me to become a more informed, honest and vulnerable leader. I will carry his tools and insights with me as I dare to lead other organisations and people.”

A team looking to transform

Chess Game_edited.png

I worked with a senior leader in a new industry who was looking to turn transform the sense of purpose and value within their team.  They had struggled with a relationship with a significant stakeholder and they were feeling they had lost their sense of purpose.

The senior leader said: “I was brought in to transform the learning organisation and inherited a wonderful team filled with potential and passion for what we do...I was inspired! My peers were warm and also passionate about wanting to do things right. My boss was supportive and a big champion for me and I met some incredible colleagues on the journey.  I was struggling with a relationship with a significant stakeholder which resulted in me feeling that I lost my sense of purpose and confidence. Sean helped me to rediscover this through a series of coaching sessions - my purpose, values and how to apply these in my everyday working life.”

Senior leader and challenging stakeholder